Griffin Solutions delivers powerful, engaging and effective customer service training and evaluation solutions to the hospitality, retail and service sectors. 25+ years of business experience in many sectors.  We’re passionate about helping our clients achieve a competitive advantage, become more customer-centric and achieve value for all stakeholders.

All training courses are aimed at businesses seeking to further develop their employees skills and customer service abilities. Each participant has unique experiences and ideas that are valuable to share and to test. This in turn facilitates an eager climate of learning and employee engagement.

Our courses are delivered over two sessions where we use active participation and immersion techniques to allow participants to be part of the process. This makes the content fun to learn and easy to retain.

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Why use Griffin Solutions?

It's very important to be selective about training. You don’t necessarily have to hire the most expensive consultants or buy the priciest manuals, but at the same time don't compromise on quality.

By keeping training relevant and focussed on results, with a maximum of 10 participants, training is more effective and personal.

We provide continuous evaluation and establish strong relationships with participants to ensure employee engagement,  continunity and a maximum return on investment for our clients.


SCCUL Enterprise Awards
Griffin Solutions were delighted to have been placed 9th out of 160 entries in the business services section of the 2015 SCCUL Enterprise Awards.

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Short Courses
We also provide a series of short courses for specific needs such as Presentation Skills, and Keeping up with Social Media.

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Galways bay

About Griffin Solutions

Based in Galway, Griffin Solutions provides employees in the hospitality, services and retail sectors with the necessary skils and training to help them to engage with customers and stakeholders both nationally and internationally. Your business will gain
competitive advantage and increase overall sales by delivering an excellent customer experience that creates brand advocates and loyal stakeholders.

Effective training

Effective Training

The benefits of effective training will have an enormous impact on your business. You will experience increased productivity, focus and loyalty from your people and an immediate return on your investment.


Keep it simple

Providing training for your staff should be a very simple and straightforward process and we will make this very easy for you. No complex tests, contracts etc. Tell us what you want, we will do the rest by evaluating and tailoring a specific training program for your business. All your employees need to do is show up on the day.

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