About Griffin Solutions

Training Courses

Delivering professional training in Effective Customer Service, Great Workplaces, Change Management and a range of short courses in Media Skills, Confidence Building and Professional Presesentation Skills.


A professional evaluation of your business operation from a customer perspective will demonstrate to you precisely how you are viewed in the market place. Evaluations also serve as an instrumental guide in customising targeted training to produce effective results and ensure continunity and return on your training investment.

Your guarantee

We are 100% confident that you and your employees will benefit from a comprehensive training course geared specifically to your requirements. If you are unsatisfied in any way with the level of training, we will repeat the training for that employee or refund their portion of the course.

Your place or ours?

All courses can be presented at your premises. This better facilitates the training process and saves the cost of hiring venues and loss of revenue with staff leaving site for training.  Alternatively, training can be arranged for you and/or your staff at a professional comfortable enviroment.  Training materials are provided.


Griffin Solutions International - Serious About Service


Galway based, Griffin Solutions provides professional training in Effective Customer Service, Change Management and making your place a Great Place to Work.

We also present a series of short courses in a range of topics to help you with your professional and personal life. We cover subjects such as Confidence Building, Presentation Skills, Upselling Sales Techniques, Standards Comparison Workshops and Social Media.

Griffin Solutions is a professional organisation with direct experience in internal and external stakeholder relations, change management and engaged specifically in effective staff and management training both nationally and internationally.

We also provide consultancy expertise to organisations on evaluation solutions, company culture and stakeholder engagement to ensure your business is delivering value and great service to your customers.

Lisa Chalfa (facilitator and trainer)

I have spent the past 25 years working in diverse international business sectors including hospitality and retail. Dublin born, Kildare raised, I currently reside in Galway working as a trainer and business consultant. My professional qualifications include an Honours degree in Business management and marketing.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a positive personality that opens doors and minds, I thrive on helping individuals and businesses achieve higher levels of performance and growth. Achieving a Win Win Win situation for companies, employees and their clients is my ultimate goal.