Shopping - Online V Real Life

We put up with a lot of hassle, delays, security checks and things that really test patience when online shopping, but would you put up with it in real life?

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An A to Z guide to employee engagement

Building an engaged workforce is perhaps the biggest challenge today’s employers face. The benefits are many—increased customer loyalty and improved internal efficiency, to name a few—yet it can be tough to cultivate an engaged workforce.

This A to Z list about engagement from an employee’s perspective will help you determine where to focus your attention.

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Do We Care About Brands?

The question I ask is, "Why?" Is this even a thing? Should we be worried about people not caring if brands disappeared from their lives? Do people care about brands? Can people care about brands?

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News and events for 2015

How To... Effective Service Training
Join us for a free evening to see where you can imporove communications, harmony and productivity in your company.

How to... Great Workplaces
Join us for a free evening to see how you can make your place a great place to work.

How To... Social Media Skills
Are you mystified by the amount of Social Media sites and how much you should or should not be involved to benefit your business? Then you need this short course

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3 trends in corporate communications

The rise of social technologies over the last few years has affected corporate communications severely. From angry bloggers to ratings and reviews, communicators are some of the first to respond and take ownership.

In fact, Altimeter’s research indicates that 30 percent of corporate social strategists report to corporate communications, and 41 percent report to marketing, where corporate communications may reside. Despite this, these departments have undergone three major changes.

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High perf

10 Proven Strategies of High-Performance Teams [INFOGRAPHIC]

Who drives product innovation? The answer is small, entrepreneurial development teams — better known as “agile teams” in the high-tech industry.

These types of teams are obviously essential for startups, but many large companies approach team-building in the same way, especially those that lead the industry in terms of product revenue. This is not to say the corporation doesn’t play a crucial role — it most certainly does — but mostly by creating an environment for success, by removing obstacles, setting a clear vision and providing essential tools and training.

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