Customer Service - Achieve Excellence Workshop attendees

"Fantastic presentation.  Lisa loves what she does and it's clear to the audience!  It makes the learning process much easier and helps to make an impression. Supporting material with examples/stories worked really well!  It made people realise how to do thing right/wrong and how your attitude makes people feel.”   Róisín Maher, Marketing.

"Great course with great advice towards achieving even higher standards.  It was entertaining, relaxing and a great learning opportunity.  Will definitely bring tips I've learned to my job!" Aoife Keating.

"The real life scenarios and stores/examples of lecturer helped make everything much clearer and very helpful."
Ger Murphy, Waitress.

"Good to refresh on what is needed to do day in and day out to be the best I can be for the hotel." Brian Morrissey.

"This course is very much about bringing a positive attitude to everything you do in work and I think that Lisa really embodies this in the way she presents the information."
Brian Keating, Barman

"Absolutely brilliant and extremely helpful.  Lisa was lovely and easy to talk to which was great as I'm super shy.  I hugely enjoyed the course as it will help me day-to-day in work." Charlotte Eaton, Waitress.

"Great course, very informative.  Very good, with loads of tips and information"
Mary Hand, Chief.

"I really enjoyed the course.  Lisa was an amazing trainer, she is so nice, motivational and sincere to everyone.  I've done many training courses and this has been the best to-date.  Highly recommend her to any company.   5***** experience. "
Alma Sheeran, Waitress.

"Lisa was extremely helpful and is clearly passionate about her work.  Very nice person, full of enthusiasm and information was well presented, she made it very interesting and fun."
Triona Kirwan

"I really enjoyed this course and I learned a lot, now I SEE the customers and now I "walk tall" like Lisa said.  I am so happy for the opportunity to be here and do this course.  I think this should be in every business!" 
Mairita Treda

"Lisa is great at what information she give and her energy is wonderful.  Enjoyed the course."Ciara O'Neill, Receptionist.

"Hot, hot, hot! Great lecturer, so enthusiastic, always keept me listening!" 
Jacqueline Dormer-Lewis, Receptionist.

"Lisa empowered staff to take responsibility and to be pro active in the customer’s journey. I found that the majority of team members have taken pride in the Hotel and the service they provide even more so since the training.
When I set out to engage Griffin Solutions I was conscious of the cost and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by final outlay. Now when I consider the training, I recognize it as an investment in the future of the team & the Woodford Dolmen Hotel. In the last 6 months, we have seen an increase of 6% in the occupancy rate and restaurant sales have increased 20%."

Colin Duggan,
General Manager - Woodford Dolmen Hotel

"Very engaging, passionate about your course and very approachable." 
Catriona Brennan,
Duty Manager - Woodford Dolmen Hotel

"Clear and concise with information and some fun elements included for good measure."Vickie Whelan,
Duty Manager - Woodford Dolmen Hotel

"Lisa presented information in a very clean and exciting way and I left the course feeling uplifted and motivated."
Brian Redmond,
Duty Manager - Woodford Dolmen Hotel

"Very helpful. I’ve been in the bar trade 30 years and this course opened my eyes to a number of issues",
John Lawlor, Barman.

"Lisa is so enthusiastic she makes you want to be the best that you can be, while making it fun along the way." 
Mary Hutton, Receptionist.

"Excellent. Lisa is so motivating and delivers her material with ease.”
Catriona Ryan, Business Development.

"The course was brilliant, I learned so much about customer service that I can now apply to my work.  The presenter of the course was very helpful and answered any questions I had.  I found it to be a really good learning curve.  I would recommend this course to everyone." 
Lorraine Doran, Waitress.

"I loved this course.  I found it and Lisa, very helpful.  It made me a lot more positive. I found Lisa fantastic, her wonderful attitude and positivity made me far more interested in the course. Thank you!" 
Clara Flynn, Waitress.

"Lisa was very passionate and enthusiastic which rubbed off on everyone.  There was never a dull moment during the entire 2 days that I did on the course.  The content of the course was really interesting and enjoyable." Olivia Hutton, Accommodation. 

"I think it was a different way of thinking.  Lisa is very open-minded, and very easy to understand." Ray Brennan, Chef

"A fantastic course led by an enthusiastic instructor."
Geraldine Hogan, Waitress.


"Very professional, very pleasant, explained very well, lovely personality, good listener, it's been a great help to me. I'm thinking more positive now, thanks so much Lisa!" 
Kathleen McCormack, Waitress.

"Very good experience, learned a lot. Some stuff I knew and some I did not.  Everything was explained really well."
Angelos Ellis, Chef.

"I enjoyed the course as Lisa made it interesting. She also remembered everyone's names! She comes across as someone who enjoys her work and is enthusiastic about helping people improve their skills."
Lorraine Doyle, Accommodation/Banqueting

"The course helped me to understand everything about my job and how to care for my customer.  Now I can smile as I understand how to love what I do!"
Isabela Luczok

"Lisa is so friendly, welcoming and her positive attitude spreads around the room.  Loved the course." 
Lisa Redmond, Banqueting. 

"I feel like I have learned a lot and hopefully I can apply everything I have learned to my greatest potential." 
Saidbh Maher, Waitress.

"Ideas and tips put forward were very useful in all areas of life. Made me think about the importance of good communication in a different way. Thank you." 
Ciara Nolan, Receptionist.

"Lisa was very good and knows her job.  Have learned a lot from this course. Thanks very much!" 
Edward Lucas

"Informative, understanding more about the importance of good customer service is worthwhile.  It's my first job, I'm still new and didn’t feel I knew much, but now I feel I understand more.  I really enjoyed being here and meeting Lisa and now I'm more confident." 
Cathy Doyle, Waitress.

"Very helpful workshop, Lisa helped me to learn the course objectives well, thank you." Klaudia Owocka.

"Everything was simply explained and wasn’t boring, it was very interesting." 
Daire Smullen

"Understood everything, didn't have to ask questions as Lisa explained everything I needed to know."
Anthony Foley.

"Interesting, beneficial, well presented and clear."
Rob Keating, Chef.