Communications Skills Workshop

Workshop Overview Available Upon Contact.

Communication plays a fundamental role in all aspects of a business.

Effective communication skills are essential in the work environment.

Research shows that companies with high effectiveness in communication are three and a half times more likely to outperform their industry peers.

Individual and team success relies on the ability of individuals to effectively communicate both in-person and virtually. Good communication skills lead to better productivity, commitment, team morale and operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Open communication in the workplace facilitates cohesive and effective teamwork.


To help attendees understand the elements of communication, how to communicate clearly and more confidently, persuasively and assertively.

Fine-tuning communication skills to enhance business relationships, job satisfaction, career opportunities and achieve personal and business growth.

Attendees will improve how they communicate, how they are understood and how they can positively influence others and create a positive and effective working and business relationships.

Workshop Methodology

This workshop discusses the importance of effective communication skills and how to improve skills to enhance effectiveness.

Excellent communication is the differentiation between average and exceptional leaders, performers and business outcomes.

Types of communication, verbal, non-verbal and virtual are explored and participants will learn how to identify barriers and implement strategies to improve overall communications in the workplace.

Workshop Outcomes:

After this workshop participants will understand the various methods of effective communication and how to implement strategies to improve communication in the workplace and with customers. Participants will improve interpersonal relationships, work performance, customer experiences, and achieve personal and business growth.

Workshop Format

Half-day (5 hr.) interactive and stimulating learning environment generated in a classroom-style programme.


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Training is tax deductible & Zero VAT

Funding may be available.