Stress Management Skills Workshop

Workshop Overview

Job-related stress is on the rise, more than one in four workers are affected by workrelated stress in the European Union. Studies from the World Health Organization show that work stress is believed to affect an individual’s psychological and physical health and an organisations’ effectiveness and bottom line adversely. The individual and the organisation are less likely to be successful in a competitive market.

Workers who are stressed are more likely to be unhealthy, poorly motivated, less productive and less safe at work. High levels of stress in the workplace can lead to poor decision making, and increase in mistakes that can lead to customer complaints, increases illness or absenteeism, high staff turn over and poor employee/ workplace relations. Successful employers and managers provide leadership in dealing with the challenge of work stress.


To help attendees understand and recognise stress, it’s triggers, how to identify the warning signs and symptoms; to understand how stress affects health and performance and how to implement strategies to mitigate stress and utilise simple coping mechanisms to improve overall health and work performance.

Workshop Methodology

This workshop discusses the prevalence of stress in daily life and it’s impact. It provides practical advice and strategies on how to recognize and understand stress and its implications and how to implement coping skills to deal with the challenges of stress. We discuss the nature, cause and effect of stress in the workplace and strategies on how to prevent and/or cope with and harness stress to one’s advantage. The workshop provides guidance on simple and natural strategies to cope with stress for better health and performance.

Workshop Outline: Available upon contact.

Workshop Outcomes:

After this workshop participants will be able to understand and identify the cause and effect of stress and know how to implement strategies to mitigate, manage and use stress effectively in the workplace. Participants will improve interpersonal relationships, work performance, customer experiences, and achieve better Work-Life Balance and personal and business growth.

Workshop Format

Half-day (4 hr.) interactive and stimulating learning environment generated in a classroom-style programme.


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