Leadership Skills

Workshop Overview

The effective management and development of teams are crucial to organisational success.

Gallup states that “Dismal Employee Engagement is a sign of Global Mismanagement” (Gallup Blog, Dec 20, 2017) 67% of employees worldwide are not engaged and that flawed performance management is at the root of this crisis.

This workshop aims to discuss existing management styles, assess challenges and find solutions. The workshop will be adaptive to participants needs and will conclude with a strategic action plan for optimal results. It will provide management with the skills and insight needed to improve performance management and maximise business performance in line with organisational objectives.


With responsibility for many roles and goals within the organisation, how Managers handle different situations, individuals and their outcomes depend on their management style. The best management style is the one that meets the challenges and the needs of the people being led. Effective Managers need to be flexible and willing to change and adapt their style to suit changing circumstances. In this workshop, we will assess individual management styles, discuss the effectiveness and explore alternatives to improve and achieve desired outcomes.

Workshop Methodology

Managers will learn new techniques to achieve the best performance from themselves and their team. They will communicate organisational goals with clarity and confidence. They will learn how to handle difficult individuals and conflict situations – skills crucial to the smooth operation of the organisation. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss challenges and learn skills to improve and sustain a positive work environment, get the best performance from themselves and their team and foster cooperation and employee engagement.


Workshop Outline Available Upon Contact.

Workshop Outcomes:

After this workshop participants will have the knowledge to better understand the effectiveness of their Management style. They will have the skills and techniques to adapt and change to maximise outcomes, excel in their role and achieve better outcomes for themselves, their team and the organisation.


Workshop Format

Half-day (4 hr.) interactive and stimulating learning environment generated in a classroom-style programme.


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