Time Management

Workshop Overview

Time Management skills improve work efficiency, productivity, save time, optimise effectiveness and decrease stress. Understanding the skills and techniques needed for effective time management helps achieve goals and meet deadlines.

Before training, attendees are asked to assess their daily tasks and consider which activities were most productive in driving value within the organisation. We will then discuss habits, routines and changes.


To help attendees gain control of daily tasks and to work more productively and efficiently. To help participants implement skills and techniques to get more done in less time and get the most out of every day. They will be provided with the tools to manage and prioritise work and achieve goals while keeping stress to a minimum.

Workshop Methodology

Time is valuable and it is vital to use it efficiently. Participants’ will self-assess their current time management habits and behaviours and learn how to implement skills and techniques to improve time management and performance. Course objectives can be refined for personal relevance and action plans devised.

Workshop Outline is available upon contact.

Workshop Outcomes:

After this workshop participants will be able to implement skills and techniques to improve time management and triumph over procrastination. Individuals will be able to better organise themselves and their workspace for maximum efficiency. They will create a personal action plan that will aim to improve and/or change existing habits and manage their time and stress levels more efficiently and effectively.

Workshop Format

Half-day (5 hr.) interactive and stimulating learning environment generated in a classroom-style programme.


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Training is tax deductible & Zero VAT

Funding may be available.