Effective Customer Service/ Customer Experience Training

To be effective in your job, you must know yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses, and those of the people around you. You must know your objectives and have a strategy of how you want to achieve them. You must also belong to a team of people that share your commitment to achieving those objectives, and you must help each team member to achieve their best towards attaining a common goal.

This course will give you the self-confidence and skills to perform at your best and do a better job. you will also understand how to analyse your own perceived weaknesses and identify the issues and needs to keep you motivated, focused and productive.


This 2-day course runs over 2 half days of 4 hours and includes a break with refreshments.

All course material is provided. Maximum of 12 participants per session. We can also cater for smaller groups, minimum of 4.


Our workshops are meticulously planned and designed in a manner geared toward efficient maximization of time and impact. It is also crucial that learning outcomes provide effective results.  This is achieved by engaging all participants; enabling and facilitating them to contribute to the training process in an entertaining and professional way. Interactive sessions include role-play and improvisation.  We will equip trainees with the skills and tools to perform to their maximum ability. null

Sample Course Content Day 1

Am Registration

Define Quality Service

What is my role?

Who is my customer?

Effective Communication Skills

Review of the day’s session


Sample Course Content Day 2

Creating the WOW experience – Being customer-focused

Steps For Achieving Superior Quality Service

Creating a Strong Team

Knowing your Workplace Environment

Review of the day’s session

Key Outcomes – A clear, well-understood, consistent understanding of what quality service means and how to deliver it. 

Training Costs

Please contact us for cost details. Funding towards the cost of training may be available.

Training is VAT exempt and Tax Deductible.

Refreshments during breaks provided.

All the materials you will need to get the most from your course including a workbook, course notes and writing materials are provided.

Please contact us for cost details.